Increased safety in food production

Minebea Intec has expanded its worldwide portfolio in the field of foreign object detection by adding the innovative Freefall Metal Detection System Vistus® to its range setting new performance validation standards. The modular system increases product quality and safety on production lines whilst also accommodating individual requirements.

Individual configuration in accordance with the building block principle.

The Vistus® Freefall System was developed specifically with the food industry in mind. The result is a system with an individual range of tubes and separation systems which can be integrated into different production environments and can accommodate the differences in application between powders and granules. This makes it possible to assemble optimal metal detection systems for any company and any requirement, regardless of whether the requirement is a design for potentially explosive atmospheres, or a space-saving solution with a reduced metal-free zone. For customised systems Minebea Intec also offers engineering tailored to the individual customer.

True In-Process Validation at the centre of the product flow.

The special feature of the Freefall Metal Detection System Vistus® is its True In-Process Validation, which, unlike conventional detectors, validates performance at the centre of the search coil. This is the least sensitive part of detectors; the targeted functional test offers here the best possible safety. Using an applicator, a test piece is inserted in the very centre of the tube above and then collected underneath via a test piece stopper. The system checks and records the performance of Vistus® continuously without impeding the product flow. An extensive range of test pieces, with different test parts that can be certified on request, complete the True In-Process Validation feature.

Conclusion: Vistus®, for safety that is visible.

The Vistus® Freefall System not only promises to reliably eliminate metallic foreign bodies from powders and granules - it also records performance thanks to its True In-Process Validation feature. This makes Vistus® a go-to choice, including for Quality Management.

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Facts and features

Freefall Metal Detection System Vistus®

  • Remote terminal with intuitive menu navigation in 14 languages
  • Vistus® R search coil multi-frequency technology
  • Vistus® RMFZ search coil with reduced metal-free zone

  • Pipe quality options:
    • for products not susceptible to electrical discharge: graphite-coated PP pipe
    • suitable for food products according to EU standard: ESD pipe
    • heat-resistant and wear-proof: ceramic pipe

  • Separation system options:
    • dust-proof standard version: ST separator
    • for very high product throughput: SW separator
    • for low ceilings and roofs: FL separator
    • for maximum hygiene requirements: EC separator

  • True In-Process Validation (optional):
    • test part opening with applicator
    • test part stopper
    • test part range

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