Minebea Intec wins six Weighing Review awards

In May 2018, Minebea Intec triumphed over the competition at the Readers’ Choice Awards 2018, run by the international online platform ‘Weighing Review’, with a total of six awards going to the global provider of industrial weighing and inspection technologies. For Minebea Intec this was tangible proof of the success of its customer focus, as well as its research and development work.

The Readers’ Choice Awards are held annually by Weighing Review and provide an arena for suppliers of industrial scale systems to showcase their products. The ultimate goal is to lead the competition across 16 weighing-related categories, with competitors including both established players and newcomers alike. Those amassing the most reader votes emerge victorious. “We are extremely proud of our awards”, explains Willy-Sebastian Metzger, Director Business Development & Marketing. “They show that the intensive research and development work we carry out here at Minebea Intec is enabling us to develop innovative and reliable products that both customers and readers can get excited about. At the same time, of course, the awards also have an impact on our external image, which we will be exploiting in our communications.”

The company – based in Hamburg, Germany – produces weighing and inspection technology worldwide for a variety of applications, and has already received multiple awards during the past year. This year, Minebea Intec achieved third place in the ‘Best Weighing Companies’ category. A growing trend? “We see ourselves as being in the right area, but we won’t be taking our foot of the accelerator”, comments Metzger with a wink. Overview of all awards won:

• Best Weighing Company 2018 – Third place
• Best Industrial Scales: Industrial scale Combics
• Best Dosing, Filling and Packaging: Software application EasyFill
• Best Load Cells: Load cell Pendeo Truck
• Best Truck Scales/Weighbridges: Weighbridge ProDeck
• Best Weighing Software/Solutions: Software SPC@Enterprise

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