Program Levels
Member Partner


A Member Partner is classified new to the Partnership Program fulfilling the minimum program requirements to develop specific product sales and service related knowledge to sell and promote the Minebea Intec product portfolio to the market place.   

Certified Partner

A Certified Partner is a Partner who has shown the commitment in the early stage of the program and engages in actively promoting and selling Minebea Intec products. He develops sales and service knowledge and follow a successful business plan for growth and expansion.         

Preferred Partner

A Preferred Partner has in depth knowledge of the Minebea Intec product portfolio in both sales and service. As a competent solution provider he delivers quality end customer support showing strong commitment to driving marketing & sales to promote strongly the Minebea Intec brand. 

Premium Partner

A Premium Partner is an Experts in the industrial weighing industry selling the entire range of Minebea Intec product portfolio and also delivering extensive service to customers.

Thanks to our extensive partner network with more than 185 qualified partners we are able to offer localized support in 6 continents around the world.

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Build your Business with our Partnership Program. The Minebea Intec partnership program is designed to help distributor partners globally  accelerate their sales and become Minebea Intec brand ambassadors and recognized product experts.

When you become an Minebea Intec Distributor Partner you immediately benefit from enhanced margin opportunities, industry’s reliable product portfolio we bring to market.

Our Partnership Program vision is to work together to build a program and partner network around the globe that extends our customer reach, intensifies our brand position and awareness. The Partnership Program offers industry leading scale weighing product and solutions while enables partners to drive growth and differentiate their business by reselling Minebea Intec product portfolio to key customers.

Our tiered program offers an incremental opportunity for partners to become experts through increased enablement and extensive knowledge in selling Minebea Intec products.

Our 4 simple aims are to:

  • Reward the best and most loyal Partners with support and pricing
  • Encourage Partners to grow their business with us
  • Limit competition from direct sales channels
  • Direct low volume users to purchase from Preferred or Premium Partners
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