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Rechargeable batt. pack f. Hrischm. plug YRB06Z on request
Cable for RS232C-balance output 7357314 on request
EWK WS 30/60 kg EWK WS 30/60
Technical DataWS 30 kgWS 60 kg
Weighing range (kg)Up to 30Up to 60
Smallest calibration value (g)510
Standard throughput (pcs/min)Up to 100Up to 80
Speed ranges (m/s)Fixed speed in levels from 0.19 to 1.62 Fixed speed in levels from 0.19 to 1.62
Working height535 mm to 1040 mm500 mm to 1000 mm
Protection RatingIP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)IP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)
on request
Checkweigher Synus Synus
Technical DataWS 1 kgWS 2 kgWS 5 kgWS 7 kg
Weighing range (g)Up to 1,000Up to 2,000Up to 5,000Up to 7,000
Smallest calibration value (g)
Standard throughput (pcs/min)Up to 250Up to 200Up to 180Up to 180
Speed ranges (m/s)0.2 - 1.50.2 - 1.2, 0.5 - 1.50.2 - 1.0, 0.5 - 1.40.2 - 1.0, 0.5 - 1.4
Working height600 mm - 1,100 mm600 mm - 1,100 mm600 mm - 1,100 mm600 mm - 1,100 mm
Protection RatingIP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)IP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)IP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)IP 54 (standard), IP65 (optional)
on request
Cosynus CoSYNUS

Cosynus is a member of the Synus checkweigher family and combines the electronics of a metal detector with our well-known checkweighing technology. Operation of the metal detector is fully integrated in the familiar user interface of the field-tested Synus® checkweigher.

Customers who already have a Synus checkweigher can upgrade to the Cosynus easily and economically.

on request
Checkweigher WM Checkweigher_WM
Technical DataWM6WM35WM60/120
Weighing range (g)Up to 6,000Up to 35,000Up to 60,000
Standard throughput (pcs/min)69-10934-5517-31
Speed ranges (m/min)18-3618-3618-50
Working height (mm)400 - 1,100450 - 1,100450 - 1,100
Protection RatingIP65IP65  IP65 
on request
Protecting cover 6960IB01 on request
Cable to PC, 12-pin round/25-pin D-sub YCC01-03ISM5 on request
Cable to PC, 12pin round/9pin male YCC01-09ISM5 on request
Metal Detector Vistus Metal_Detector_Vistus
Product Speed2 cm/s ... 20 m/s
Product Temperature-30°C to +55°C
Ambient TemperatureOperation: -10°C to +55°C / Storage: -10°C to +70°C
Housing1.4301 stainless steel (AISI 304)
Protection RatingIP65 (optional: IP69K)
on request
Metal Detector Observer® Observer

The OBSERVER metal detector has been especially designed to detect ferrite components even in metallized packages. It enables magnetized iron and stainless steel contaminants to be detected in strong aluminum packages.

on request
Basic Metal Detector MDB

The MDB Metal Detector offers reliable protection for machinery in all kinds of industries and simple installation at the same time.These metal detectors search out metal particles and sort out contaminated products and enable you to assure your customers maximum product quality thanks to optimal metal detection sensitivity that meets all applicable legal requirements.

on request
Economy Metal Detector MDE Economy_Metal _Detector_MDE

MDE Metal Detector with a fixed frequency, the attractively priced solution in a rugged design for inspection of most products. The latest metal detection technology ensures maximum sensitivity toward all kinds of metal for different products

on request
Premium Metal Detector MDP Plus M_Premium_Metal_Detector_MDP

These premium metal detector and rejection systems reliably searches out metal particles and sorts out contaminated products. It consist of a full range of mechanical and electronic components that can be combined to meet your individual expectations and needs. Automatic self-monitoring and quality assurance routines ensure uninterrupted functional reliability.

on request
Dyxim-FB x-Ray_inspection_system_dyxim-FB_series
Technical DataFB 60FB 80/120FB 160
X-ray Power≤ 90 kV; ≤ 5 mA≤ 90 kV; ≤ 5 mA≤ 90 kV; ≤ 10 mA
Detection ResolutionLinear Detector, 0.4mmLinear Detector, 0.4mmLinear Detector, 0.8mm
Belt Speed RangeUp to 60 m/minUp to 70 m/minUp to 70 m/min
Interface15" touchscreen15" touchscreen15" touchscreen
Protection RatingIP54IP54IP54
Conveyor Height 860 - 1,020 mm850 - 1,010 mm850 - 1,010 mm
on request
Dyxim D Dyxim-D
Technical DataDyxim D
X-ray power≤ 2 x 90 kV; ≤ 2 x 20 mA  
Detector resolutionLinear detector, 0.4 mm 
Belt Speed RangeUp to 120 m/min
Human Interface15" touchscreen
Radiation SafetyFDA CFR 21 part 1020,40 
Protection RatingIP 65
Conveyer Height785–955 mm
on request
Dymond 80 Dymond_80

The Dymond series, the newest generation of our X-ray inspection systems, generates low-noise and thus clear images, even at exceptionally high belt speeds. Thanks to the use of top-quality components, the Dymond series can also be used in the sensitive food and pharmaceutical areas.

The slanted contours of the stainless steel housing, which consistently rule out flat, dust-prone surfaces, IP65 protection (IP 69k optional) and easy removal of the belts without the need for tools all make cleaning exceptionally easy, saving you time and money.

on request
Beltweigher Weighbridge beltweigher_weighbridge

The weighing bridges serving in conjunction with Minebea Intec weighing electronics, continuously measures the flow rate and quantity of bulk material on belt conveyors. An internal checking weight guarantees a simple controlling and calibration of the system.

on request
Beltweigher Electronics EWM 1000 beltweigher_electronics _eWM_1000

Beltweigher electronic EWM 1000 is a conveyor belt scale system designed for the special requirements of industrial applications for use with a Minebea Intec weighing bridge and a DMS power conductivity cell. The EWM 1000 is designed for use with modern SPS and PC control systems. The weighing electronics software is user-friendly. In addition, zeroing and weighing calibration of the belt scale are also quick and easy. Problems within the belt scale are shown on the display and output as a binary signal.

on request
Beltweigher Electronics EWM 609 beltweigher_electronics_eWM_609

The EWM 609 weighing electronics unit, serving in combination with a Minebea Intec weigh-bridge, constitutes a belt weigher that is used in its standard application for high-precision monitoring of conveyed quantities and flow rates. The weighing electronics unit is user-oriented. Production data, including their absolute and proportional (%) dimensional units, appear at the touch of a button. Function keys are provided for such operations as zeroing and measuring accuracy checks (by means of calibrating weights), and an array of menu keys and plaintext displays guide the user self-explanatorily through the various modes of operation and dialogues. The setup procedure can easily be executed by the user, as it involves nothing more than automatic calibration via interactive dialogue between the weigher and its operator. All weighing-process interferences are logged in the fault memory, along with their dates and times of occurrence, optically signaled via status LED and at the error signal output, indicated in plain text at the touch of a key, and documented in a fault report (optional).

on request
Weighing Platforms Combics Weighing_Platforms_Combics

With the Combics product family, Minebea Intec offers a high-quality scale series for the various applications of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, metal and electrical industries.
Combics can adjust optimally to different process requirements due to its high flexibility regarding connection and configuration options.

Minebea Intec Combics offers a wide variety of platforms in different materials and dimensions. Depending on your requirements, all platforms can be combined with different indicators.

on request
Column painted,platf.320x240,height330mm YDH01CWP on request
Column ptd., platf. 400x300,height 500mm YDH02CWP on request
Column paint,platf. 500x400,height750mm YDH03CWP on request
Column,platf. 500x400,height750mm YDH03CWS on request