When increasing product size and material density, high energy systems are required to ensure a reliable detection of foreign bodies. This is what the Dyxim FB series offers.

  • For inspecting large packages such as sacks and boxes up to a size of 700 mm x 360 mm containing dry or liquid food products
  • While identifying product contamination, the Dyxim-FB series can simultaneously perform in-line quality checks, including measuring mass, counting components and identifying missing or damaged products
Technical DataFB 60FB 80/120FB 160
X-ray Power≤ 90 kV; ≤ 5 mA≤ 90 kV; ≤ 5 mA≤ 90 kV; ≤ 10 mA
Detection ResolutionLinear Detector, 0.4mmLinear Detector, 0.4mmLinear Detector, 0.8mm
Belt Speed RangeUp to 60 m/minUp to 70 m/minUp to 70 m/min
Interface15" touchscreen15" touchscreen15" touchscreen
Protection RatingIP54IP54IP54
Conveyor Height 860 - 1,020 mm850 - 1,010 mm850 - 1,010 mm