The verifiable weight indicator X3 ensures fast and reliable display of the weight values. With the integrated EasyFill® application, filling with liquids, powders or granules can be controlled.

  • High-precision weight indicator offering a resolution of up to 120,000 increments
  • Large, clearly readable display of weight values, even in direct light
  • Convenient and efficient scale calibration in one minute without weights
  • Remote configuration and service functionality through integrated website
  • EasyFill® function for one-component dosing of liquids, powders and granules with configurable target, tolerance and overshoot values
  • Multiple data interfaces allow easy integration into process control systems and direct connection of a printer or remote display
  • Housing suitable for panel mounting

The weight indicator X3 was voted as the Reader's Choice Best Measurement System for 2019.

The weight indicator X3 is connected to existing PC software. The software application EasyFill® comes pre-installed for quick and easy dosing processes. The X3 boasts a large, transflective display for exceptional readability, even in direct sunlight.

  • Precise, reliable and fast processing of weight values
  • Simple and efficient calibration of scales with SMART Calibration
  • Global remote servicing with the Remote Service functionality